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February 20, 2021

Sometimes at Bailey Lauerman, I’d be tasked with drumming up landing pages for prospective clients. Generally, we’d need a place to include the RFP, links to relevant work, and creative samples. Normally we’d send these over on a thumb drive along with the print version, but that’s so early-2000’s (and not to mention, unsecure). I pitched the idea of creating a landing page that would host these assets that she could share with the prospective client. And the best part? We can drop in GA and get important interaction information. After success after the first version, this soon became a standard process and was built into the RFP process.

Check out the landing page here.

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Chris Brooks

A hands-on project manager with eight years of experience planning and effecting change for medium and large organizations across the SaaS and multiple industries.

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