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When I started with Bailey Lauerman back in 2018, one of the immediate issues I had to deal with was their unhappiness with their website, especially the CMS component. Based on discussions had with the hiring manager during the interview process, it became obvious that we would need to migrate the website away from the current vendor and rebuild it using something more user-friendly. In the meantime, I knew I had to make the client’s life a little easier in the meantime, so I mastered the CMS as best I could and put together a training microsite so that they could reference it.

This made the client pretty happy in the short term, and ultimately we decided to migrate the website over to an open-source platform. I’ll probably cover that in a future blog post.

Check out the microsite here.

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Chris Brooks

A hands-on project manager with eight years of experience planning and effecting change for medium and large organizations across the SaaS and multiple industries.

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